Founded in 2005 on the basis of teachings from D. Didier, the Feng Shui of the Present Time Academy was given the mission to carry its consciousness, at the greatest number, the laws at the source of Feng Shui and the rules that govern the applications within them.
For this, it teaches the fundamentals of FSTP and the body of works among professionals, actors who change the world across the public sphere.


  • Pedagogy and conception of the transmission tools.
  • Teacher training.
  • Promoting the teaching.
  • Organization and ensured quality of teaching programs.
  • Evolution of the teaching applied to new fields of application.

It makes known Feng Shui of the Present Time through its trainings, conferences, radio and TV programs, press articles, etc.
It initiates research that contributes to the positive evolution of society.
It meets as a counsel over projects in different fields such as residential, business, education, health, well-being, tourism, and event management.
It offers certified training for professionals, an introduction to Feng Shui and discovery workshops open to the public in 13 countries. Not formulaic but creative tools and exercises to integrate the fundamentals and develop the practice.


We are professionals and experts who offer other professionals knowledge of the grand rules for using Feng Shui so they can bring it into their own work. We also offer access to these rules to the greater public where they could be of interest in contexts where the staging is critical (financial, independent professional) or for personal day-to-day use to render the best life possible.

At this moment, the academy accounts of a team of twenty accredited teachers, architects, interior architects, decorators, event planners, and independent professionals dispersed in 13 countries that direct professional and public teachings and animate a dozen groups in international research. The academy convenes its members several times a year for a sharing of experiences, taking in new knowledge, and setting new development objectives.


20 accredited teachers dispersed in 13 countries
30 to 40 complete training courses per year
10 international research groups