Feng Shui your projects !

Feng Shui your projects
Enhance your professional projects with Feng Shui of Present Time.

You are…
Creator of spaces, architect, landscaper, interior designer, … Artist,
Manager, project manager in innovation / communication strategy, real estate, tourism, events, health / well-being …
Or student in one of these courses,
And you want to add value to your business,

  • Which evolves in the present time, and which actively participates in the changes of the world,
  • Universal, recognizable by all,
  • In keeping with your values and talents,
  • That applies with obviousness in your field of activity,
  • That you can master…

This Teaching is for you !

Professional Teaching in Lausanne French + English
More information contact fstp Lausanne

Niv 1.1 24-25 September ou 19-20 November 2016
Niv 2.1 3-4 December
Niv 2.2 7-8 January 2017
Niv 2.2 18-19 February
Niv 3.1 11-12 March
Niv 3.2 14 October

Professional Teaching in Madrid Spanish + French
More information contact fstp Madrid

Niv 1.1 25-26 Febrero 2017
Niv 2.1 28-29 Abril
Niv 2.2 27-28 Mayo
Niv 2.2 17-18 Junio
Niv 3.1 16-17 Septiembre
Niv 3.2 Febrero 2018

Feng Shui your home !



2 days FENG SHUI Workshop
for experimentation, and learning
the Art of living in harmony
with your environment and with yourself.

Discover the interactive effect with your environment.
Experiment your ability to act positively on your home.
Learn daily rituals that help you in transforming your life.

fstp workshop NYC – USA
24-25 JUNE NYC
Slavica Novak Nikolic Architect
FSTP Academy New York
T: 1-917-605-9499

fstp workshop Lanzarote y Barcelona ESPAÑA
4 MARZO Lanzarote / Finca Tisalaya
8 ABRIL Lanzarote / Finca Tisalaya

fstp workshop Chania – Creta – GREECE

fstp workshop Miami – USA
25-26 MARCH Miami

fstp workshop Bogota – COLOMBIA

fstp workshop Belgrad – SERBIA