Feng Shui Plus

Using Feng Shui tools regularly merits the practitioner to be able to more easily use them and rapidly enter into the pleasure of its action so to enjoy its results.
By this time in your Feng Shui training, you have heard about the “astro-tellurological” themes, geo-biology, semi-precious stones with different sources… what is “good” or not? What “should we do?”
The academy offers different modules that bring clear responses to your questions and that allow you to have a clear vision in each of the areas covered, allowing you your own opinion by experimentation.
At the beginning of each module, you will have the possibility to enrich your Feng Shui experience with acquired know-how.
Duration: 2 days (6 hours each)
Pre-requisite: 4 days Introduction course (PRO 1 or “Feng Shui your home and workplace”)


Deepen your understanding in Tellurologie ® and initiate yourself into Astro-Tellurologie so to better understand the influences of the cosmic-telluric energies on people according to a given context. The delivered information by a proper astro-tellurological study allows you to better understand the potential of a person as well as all the obstacles to take into account on the life path.


Initiate yourself to the recognition of telluric influences connected to the underground configurations in the present time (subterranean water presence, breaks, undesirable electromagnetic radiation, etc.) Familiarize yourself with the techniques for balancing a place, neutralizing the harmful effects, and amplifying the favorable effects to a person. These techniques complete the methods for purification and harmonization presented in the introduction course of Feng Shui of the Present Time.

Using Feng Shui Stones

Discover the possibilities that are offered to you with semi-precious stones. Through their crystalline structures, they tell the story of the birth of the universe, the formation of the planet, and the development of its kingdoms. Each of the 20 Feng Shui of the Present Time stones radiates specific energies to each Element and corresponds to a symbolic Animal. They are useful to purify a place from unfavorable energies and to reinforce the carried protection of a symbolic Animal.