Learn the basics of Tellurologie ® as they apply to Feng Shui and understand the rules of application in this introduction over 2 sets of 2 days. This program will be presented through visual support, case studies, energetic exercises with semi-precious stones, meditation, and sensory development. Enjoy practicing these skills in the workshop and on the field with current life situations and business case studies.

By the end of this course, you will have acquired the basic knowledge of Feng Shui of the Present Time. You can enrich it with FENG SHUI PLUS by discovering offered possibilities in Astro-Telluro-logie, Geo-biology, or the use of semi-precious Feng Shui stones.

During this introduction, you may discover your skills as a Feng Shui practitioner, and decide to join PRO2 and enter the academic curriculum in order to become a Feng Shui consultant or expert.
If you are facing situations such as the following, then this course is for you!

“We no longer communicate; we don’t feel like talking to each other anymore and I feel that there is nowhere in our home where to be together without being disturbed.” link to case study N°2.
“The family no longer gathers around for a meal and life goes on with no more sharing, which is sad to me” link to case study N°1.
“In the kitchen, all goes awry and that affects me a lot.” link to case study N°3.
“For some time, we have had aggressive visitors and the family has a hard time to feel secure again.” link to case study N°4.
“Our daughter is preparing for difficult exams and I would like to help her.” link to case study N°5.
“I am a freelancer, yet I’m bad at securing contracts, how can I help it?” link to case study N°6.
My house has been flowded and I can’t recover my own balance. link to feng shui study (J. James in NYC)
My boyfriend has come to live in my apartment and we don’t know how reorganize my home so it will welcome him. Link to Publications: Feng Shui wedding

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