Professional Training

“Feng Shui your projects”

Bring a new light into urban and architecture projects through Feng Shui of the Present Time. It is a filter that reveals the meaning of each cardinal orientation in relation to the functions that are affected by them. It is a sophisticated ensemble of relationships between each of the Pakua zones that generate at its end coherence and remarkable efficiency in projects. Its principles apply, of course, to all scales of architectural conception – from the largest to the smallest – whatever be the field of activity.
Feng Shui of the Present Time differentiates itself from others by systematically transmitting a collection of rules that allows you to recognize what influences need to be managed and which energies to mobilize.
These rules preside over the arrangement decisions and are the fundamentals of the place’s concept from its organization and orientation until its decoration, including the choices of materials, colors and light – room after room, space after space.
These are the rules to manage telluric energies and to associate different elements that mix between them.

Becoming an FSTP Consultant

“The Feng Shui of the Present Time vision” is an essential part of the role of the FSTP consultant and is the starting point for all consultations.
Detecting a through line in all the received information from the people and place allows defining the central axis of intervention, the “point of view” so the application rules can make sense.
We help you progressively develop your consulting talent. Like music, you cannot compose a score simply only placing notes side by side. Your instrument is the FSTP harmonization rules, yet it is the finesse of your 6th sense and gaze over a study that reveals the knot of a problem.

At the expert level (Level 3), professional trainings offered by are oriented to your individual craft. They bring a new dimension to the “Feng Shui Vision” at the practical level for every profession as well as bringing their understanding of the harmonization rules into their specific field of activity.

4 Levels to Access Mastery

Professional training comprises of 3 levels that lead to the stature of FSTP Consultant or Expert in a specific profession. The 4th Mastery Level is available to those who wish to fully dedicate themselves to Feng Shui. Integrating the teaching progresses as follows:

  • LEARN: Acquire the know-how, familiarize yourself with the fundamentals.
  • UNDERSTAND: Logic of the fundamentals, how to shape the physical to influence the subtle.
  • CREATE: Know how to use the Feng Shui of the Present Time instruments to play and create with them.
  • MASTER: Perfect your practice and deepen your understanding through the years. Publish a thesis based on your personal experience on a particular topic.


PRO 1 Open to all professions. 2 sets of 2 days (24 hrs.) Learn the basics of Telluro-logie ® as they apply to Feng Shui and understand the rules of application in this introduction over 2 sets of 2 days. This program will be presented through visual support, case studies, energetic exercises with semi-precious stones, meditation, and sensory development. Enjoy practicing these skills in the workshop and on the field with current life situations and business case studies. By the end of this course, you will have acquired the basic knowledge of Feng Shui of the Present Time. You can enrich it with FENG SHUI PLUS by discovering offered possibilities in Astro-Tellurologie, Geo-biology, and the use of semi-precious Feng Shui stones, or pursue with PRO 2 the academic curriculum in order to become an Feng Shui consultant or expert.


PRO 2. For all professions. 2 sets of 2 days (24hr.) 1. Feng Shui in Business

  • Relate specific business activities and functions for the business within the workplace and its external client interactions.
  • Relate specific business activities to the company’s identity and structure at all levels..
  • See how Feng Shui can solve business problems and unlock your brand’s potential by recognizing the deeper nature of your value propositions.
  • Discover the Feng Shui spirit in employee and client relationships among all departmental functions including management, research, human resources, marketing, and business development.
  • Realization of 3 Quick Studies in class and 2 Situational Projects. By the end of this course, you have integrated Feng Shui of the Present Time principles and the “Feng Shui vision” applied to the professional environment.

2. The Consultant Positioning Methodology of a Feng Shui diagnosis. Key stages of processes. The “Feng Shui vision”. How to reveal the major problems of the situation and express it in Feng Shui terms. How to propose a positive transformation of the place and a cheerful perspective for the people? The consultant position: a listening ear, clairvoyant, objective, creative, and stable. In recognition of the place and people, the consultant has the capacity to observe and to listen, allowing problems to reveal themselves. So you can offer keys that allow people to initiate a transformation. By the end of these 4 days, you are measurably able to identify the source of dysfunction, to offer responses in Feng Shui terms, and to measure their effects. You will have comprehension of the consultant positioning and the Feng Shui Diagnosis protocol.

PRO 3 Expert Consultant

PRO 3. Orienté “métiers”. 2 x 2 jours (24h) + suivi individuel de vos projets sur 6 mois Feng Shui applications specific to each profession are connected through the practice of an expertise within all business activities. In the consultant positioning unique to your field, unlock your relationships to the people and situations found within your daily work. This course in 2 sets of 2 days is followed by a mentorship to your practice in a professional situation for a period of 6 months over three projects. By the end of this training, and according to your actual profession, you will have acquired the level of:

  • Expert Feng Shui Architect
  • Expert Feng Shui Urban Planner
  • Expert Feng Shui Landscaper
  • Expert Feng Shui Interior Architect
  • Or Feng Shui Consultant covering a number of different domains (as Real estate, tourism, health, well-being…)

The emphasis taken for the Feng Shui role is in the creative part of your profession and on specific responses of Feng Shui for encountered situations. The program content is composed 80% of concrete applications experienced in a situation, supplemented by examples and testimonials. If asked, responses can be given to private situations experienced by the participants. You apply Feng Shui of the Present Time in your projects and through your function at your workplace business with mentorship for 6 months. At the end of the training, positive evaluation of your level of integration and application of Feng Shui allows you to obtain a certificate of FSTP Consultant or FSTP Expert in your profession. Technical support and an annual renewal upgrading are offered.


To access the Master level after three years of practice as an Expert, the candidate realizes a thesis over a theme of their choice in relationship with the fundamental values of the Feng Shui of the Present Time. Through this engagement, they can actively contribute to the development of Feng Shui of the Present Time. Pre-Requisite: Level 3 + 3 years of practice with presentation of records. You apply Feng Shui of the Present Time in your projects and through your function at your workplace – BUSSINESS – with mentorship for 6 months.