The family no longer gathers around for a meal

fstp-Issue-gold Context Each eats at their own time in different spaces. There no longer is sharing, no more communication – the family is growing apart and apathy settles in.

Feng Shui Vision It is necessary to find again the joy of living, the taste for life, the pleasure of sharing a good meal prepared with love, the wish to gather around a hospitable table. To create the favorable conditions for this change, it will be good to reintroduce the Earth Element and energies of the Bull.

fstp-Benefit-gold Feng Shui Benefits The Element and symbolic Animal conjugated will bring this wish to life with beautiful smiles, to share the fruits of the nourishing Earth, and to gather as a family. The father will find his place as a family pillar with his stability, balance, and common sense. The conversations will resume around the table and probably prolong themselves at the living room or elsewhere… See The 5 Keys of Feng Shui, page 81. Voir Les 5 Clés du feng Shui page 81.

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