Water in the Garden

The Water archetype represents the source of life. A garden without Water remains incomplete. Our relationship to Water… During a walk in the countryside or in the mountains, the moment that precedes meeting water is very particular. The sound of water from a stream unveils a profoundly anchored sense of joy in us, feeling revives, and the idea of drinking at the source awakens. This presence exercises an almost irresistible attraction in a very natural way. We are going toward the Water as a child toward its mother – with recognition of our longtime origins. We connect ourselves with the Water archetype, source of life. The garden’s water could be calm or moving. The energies that will express in one case or another would have a different effect on us. According to the desired end or possible placement, the water presence in the garden could take one of the following aspects:

  • Moving water such as a cascade, stream, or jet fountain express life, joy, and renewal.
  • Calm water expresses a tranquil strength, carrier of life and transformation. It helps to find interior peace. Its presence at the heart of a zen garden is support for meditation accompanied or not by a discreet sound.
  • Water Sounds Moving water generates specific sounds that enter into resonance with the cells of your body. These sounds procure well-being by relaxing and moving your small internal bubbles. The sounds, often crystalline, can become low-pitched according to the flow and nature of the surface over which the water falls. It is possible to modulate the nature of emitted sounds by playing with these parameters.


    EXERCISE 1 : If you decide to create a pond in your garden or any other destined arrangement for the presence of water, feel the energies of the place before and after placing the water. Feel the effects over the garden’s weft, the house, and your neighborhood. You eventually can help yourself with photos illustrating the two situations to feel these energies. EXERCISE 2 : If you have an easily transportable decorative fountain, test the energies of a room with and without the presence of the water. Also, feel the quality of the Weft of the room with the water inert and with the water moving. EXERCISE 3 : Play with the sound of falling water with a fountain, cascade, or stream shaping the energetic quality of the water. Feel and qualify the energies that express themselves and fine-tune to your “A.” Feng Shui & Gardens of Light. D. Didier + JF & C. Mermillod. Editions Mercia du Lac.


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