Our daughter is preparing for difficult exams

fstp-Issue-goldContext “The date approaches and the revisions demand much time and concentration. She must acquire a phenomenal sum of knowledge!“ fstp-solution-goldFeng Shui Vision If all students knew Feng Shui of the Present Time, they would have much more success at exams… Knowledge is acquired with work, for sure, but it also can be made in a powerful way with the help of the Winged Dragon, symbolic Animal associated to the Ether-Wood Element. fstp-Benefit-goldFeng Shui Benefits The Winged Dragon opens doors to the imagination and dreams. It facilitates access to knowledge. It comes to aid for seekers, conceptual creators, painters… it gives access to the “great universal library” where all knowledge is “stored”. To create the favorable conditions for protection from the Winged Dragon, it is good to arrange a tranquil space, rather cozy, ideally oriented toward the Northwest. The desk could face the Northwest. A beautiful Citrine stone on the desk will be a precious aid. A tree house in the trees is also very conducive for this exercise, but it is a little less accessible… See The 5 Keys of Feng Shui page 87.

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