We no longer communicate; we don’t feel like talking to each other anymore…

fstp-Issue-gold Context “The children don’t leave their rooms; or when they do, its with earbuds in their ears. The husband refuges in his office or in front of the TV, the mother has dived into social recess on her computer. Friends have deserted the house.” fstp-solution-gold Feng Shui Vision It is vital to reestablish verbal communication. Each one in the family has certain things to exchange and could replay them by recounting their adventures, meetings, projects, and wishes to the rest of the family or to their friends. To allow communication to be put back into its place, it is necessary to invite the Dolphin, symbolic Animal connected to the Water Element. fstp-Benefit-gold Feng Shui Benefits Both the Water Element and the Dolphin will animate the Weft of the house starting from the living room that will become a privileged place to meet and talk amongst each other. A small fountain with the sound of water placed at the South of the living room will have the same effect as a fountain at the center of a village: joyous meetings, children’s wishes to play, and to talk, talk, and talk… The Dolphin energy will encourage friends to come time and time again by helping conversations flow. Smiles will set off and an irresistible sparkle will glimmer in other’s eyes. See The 5 Keys of Feng Shui, page 83.

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