Publications Feng Shui of the Present Time

Engaged research by the Academy opens ways for applying Feng Shui in fields of activity that determine the quality of life and social issues. The results of these researches are included in books co-written by
D. Didier with JF&C. Mermillod, edited by Editions Mercia du Lac.

The 5 Keys of Feng Shui

This book offers a view of Feng Shui, in the present time. 5 Keys, like 5 steps of recognition of our environment and its influences – the observation of the people and their needs, the application of the rules for harmonizing in the organization, the orientation of the living spaces, and the creation of materials, colors, lights…
Fruit of 30 years of research by D. Didier, author of numerous works on energetics and inventor of Telluro-logie®, this book is the result of a collaboration with C. and J-F. Mermillod, architect and designer, animated by a passion for “beneficial architecture…”

Feng Shui & Gardens of Light

This book offers the reader to reconsider one’s place and role in relationship with the Earth, a living and animated planet through the help of Telluro-logie ®. It makes one aware of the inner-outer relationship and the way of living in a continuous space. It presents the “lung of the house”, vital relationship between the house and its natural environment with its applications to different types of homes. It develops different organizations of gardens possibilities? and offers a complete palate of tools for creation without ever pretending to be a manual for garden creation (other works fill this role in this very detailed way). *Only available in french and spanish.

Our Feng Shui Wedding

Dare to have a Feng Shui Wedding. Think outside of the box while maintaining respect for tradition and culture. Thanks to the “Numerology of the Union,” the theme of your marriage becomes the one for your couple. Through a palette of suggestions, your ceremony and your celebration will be a hit and success. This new approach of Feng Shui wedding allows all couples to discover their complementarity through the “Couple’s Test” to construct a harmonious life in the present and to come.

30 Feng Shui Rites

This book offers a series of Feng Shui rites whose end is to carry another look on your living space, nourished from understanding what connects Humankind to its environment. It’s a way to progressively master the meaning and impact of daily gestures that lead to living each moment in consciousness.
The covered rituals: Putting Into Order – Lighting a Candle – Meditating – Contemplating – Initiating a Project – Entering Home – Leaving Home – Waking Up – Purifying the Air – Taking Care of an Animal – Installing a Water Element – Hands Under Water – Creating a Bouquet – Taking a Shower – Watering a Plant – Creating a Fruit Bowl – Making the Table – Sharing a Meal – Conviviality Around the Table – Planting into the Earth – Bringing a Child to Sleep – Preparing to Read – Preparing to Write – Tea Ceremony – Taking Care of the Elderly – Re-Creating Harmony in the Couple – Goodnight Kiss.