Feng Shui of the Present Time

by D. Didier

Feng Shui of the Present Time ®, founded on Telluro-logie®, makes sense of this at a time of globalization when the sources are multiple and when all Art consists of combining these sources without having a unique thought or word but a word and thought that earns, by its (their) interactions, richness and complementarity.

Feng Shui is not a mysterious language and does not exclude Cartesianism. The cultural aspects and different filters of those who use it have driven it to detach it from the rigor that is the basis of it. It is again time to find its essence in order to combine it with other developments and philosophies in action and in a process developed through the history of architecture in different cultures…

What’s New?
It is an immemorial knowledge that has been applied by different cultures whose rules are accessible for the first time – clearly placed and well-defined in their applications, without withholding anything from the mystery of the Creation.
These simple and precise rules allow you to integrate different parameters that are brought into consideration for all creative contexts (people, place, organization of spaces, materials, shapes, colors, light…) so to go further and to give more meaning to your choices in order to take the best advantage of a place in function to its finalities.
These rules leave all latitude to creativity and originality, like in music where the rules of harmony are in support to the composition.

Fields of Application


Walk on the path of yesterday’s iconic builders, crafting tomorrow with help from Feng Shui of the Present Time’s universal, harmonic and timeless rules.

Urban Planning

Feng Shui of the home begins by applying its rules across a city’s urban development plans. This approach brings current responses, integrating fundamental criteria in the light of Feng Shui of the Present Time.


Compose gardens as an expression of the living through the Elements according to the harmonic rules. In the spirit of permaculture, develop your knowledge to have the ability to perceive a place and reveal natural balance.

Interior Architecture

• Conceive and organize living spaces by defining beneficial orientations according to their functions and activities. • Give more meaning to your choices of shapes, materials, colors, lights, scents and sounds in relation to people and places. • Know how to recognize and balance the energies of a place.

Real Estate

Introduce a new standard of excellence that creates a sustainable balance from a place’s conception, selling, and move-in date. The Feng Shui of the Present Time seal is available for exceptional places and agencies that present such successes.


Offer family and personal fulfillment to each member in a healthy living environment. Express with confidence the unique qualities necessary for well-being in each person as well as the balance between the place and its environment.


Stimulate productivity, creativity, and interpersonal relations through the well-being of the people in relation to the place. Reinforce the expression of the identity of a business. Organize work activity according to its focus by drawing the best part of a place to encourage its development.

Event Planning

Encourage an event’s success in the relevance of the choices between the time, place, and general theme in the application of Feng Shui of the Present Time rules. The expression of the archetype’s natures in an event’s staging contributes to giving it a perceptible universal door for all.


Encourage tourists to enjoy new experiences by recognizing what connects a person to a place and its culture. Through the language of universal archetypes and symbols used in Feng Shui of the Present Time, guests can appreciate a distinctive, memorable trip. A Feng Shui Seal of Excellence is available for tourist sites that meet the standard of quality and hospitality.


Conceive of hospitable places for health and healing that will be the doors for humanity, serenity and efficiency by offering patients, visitors and medical staff the energies that they need. Ensure vigilance to reduce patient suffering and facilitate caregivers to be able to better manage the emotional charge of their daily work.


Guide future spouses in their choices for a ceremony and reception that express the profound nature of their couple and the identity of each. Offer customized choices for wedding dates and places that are personal to the Feng Shui theme of the couple.

Personal Development

When Feng Shui naturally becomes an art of living, it brings a precious aid to the search for balance in a person over the totality of their life: love, spiritual, social, and professional. The application of Feng Shui of the Present Time fundamentals, with the tools and openings that are offered in them, offer you the keys to becoming who you are.